The Pet Sitting service offered by SA Petcare, is a pet feeding service and NOT a House Sitting service.

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Pet Sitting Services

Pet sitting services by SA Petcare are available to residents in the eastern suburbs of Pretoria, providing care services to your pets while you are away, whether you are on vacation, away on business or simply not able due to circumstances beyond your control.

Our UNIQUE pet sitting service includes:

  • Fresh food and water with every visit.
  • Pool maintenance.
  • Checking of alarms and electric fencing.
  • Clearing of letter boxes and newspapers.
  • Opening and closing of curtains.
  • Switching lights on and off.


Our pet sitting service caters to your pets every need in the comfort its own home. By caring for your pet in its own home and maintaining its regular routines reduces the possibility of stress, avoiding the trauma of being transported and having to adapt to new environments.

It helps prevent your pet contracting illnesses and parasites from other animals and stops the need for vaccinations, a requirement at some kennels today.

It also spares you inconveniencing neighbors, friends or family members, who at times can be irresponsible and dispassionate where your pets health and safety is concerned.

Additional services such as dog walking and brushing or lawn mowing are also available to clients from SA Petcare (service fees are quoted on request).